Who we are

Bridgetech Connect creates processes that consistently automate manual tasks, increase operating efficiency and speed up delivery times.

Our smart software systems make your company move faster, lower operational overheads and engage with customers in a slicker and more direct way.

Our solutions have won 5 major industry awards – a reflection of our mission to break the mould by inventing market-leading systems that deliver unprecedented technical benefits.

We have in-depth expertise in the design and delivery of solutions in regulated industries. It means we understand the fast moving and complex nature of regulation so that you are always compliant and abreast of the myriad changes.

Our Solutions

Arbitrate is a tool that insurers across the UK use to defend against incoming motor insurance claims. It has a database of more than a hundred million records, collecting 90,000 new records each day. It allows insurers to understand the cost of any hire vehicle, in any postcode, for any given date range. Insurers use Arbitrate to significantly lower indemnity spend and greatly enhance operational process.

Luci is designed and built to detect fraud which may be taking place across the foreign exchange and payment industries. It encrypts and then analyses large volumes of data supplied by many firms across the UK. It then feeds back specific reports to individual clients which let them know whether fraud may be taking place in their business. We work on behalf of AFEP – the Association of Foreign Exchange and Payment Companies.

The Impecuniosity system helps clients reduce fraud, spot upcoming financial problems and to defend themselves against unfair and inappropriate insurance claims. Many of our regulated clients need to understand the financial status of an individual via multiple data sources. Our custom-made platform has an intuitive and easy to use interface which gives you access to numerous different data feeds across the UK. In pulling these together it presents a clear picture of an individual’s financial status. One version of the platform accesses publicly available data. Another, more in-depth version, has accesses to private data, should the individual in question give permission for it to be accessed. 

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